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Sins of Redemption

Everything has a soul &  without that Essence there would be only darkness, a world bereft of joy and meaning. 

INSTRUCTIONS: You will need a pen and paper in order to track your score.
1. Create three entries titled Options A, B & C. 
2. Each time you answer a question, place a counter next to the option of your choosing. 
3. At the end of the survey, click on the option that you align the most with. This will reveal your Estate.

Shall we begin?

1. How important is family to you?
Option A: Family is somewhat important. They guide you in your early life but eventually you must be your own person.
Option B: Family is very important. You are what you are because of them, and they are rock you can return to when in need.
Option C: Family is important. They are the foundation for a balanced life.

2. What would you prefer to be remembered for once you are gone?
Option A: For being a Bookworm. Knowledge is power after all. 
Option B: For being Fearless. I sought what others didn't dare seek. 
Option C: For being Adventurous. I lived the life others only spoke of. 

3. What does society need more of?
Option A: It needs more Challenges. 
Option B: It needs more Diversity. 
Option C: It needs more Quests. 

4. What secrets are the most desired by others? 
Option A: Secret Societies. 
Option B: My Secrets. 
Option C: Lost Knowledge. 

5. Which qualities are you more in tune with?
Option A: Fearlessness. 
Option B: Loyalty. 
Option C: Creativity. 

6. Which flaw do you see as least desirable? 
Option A: Paranoia. 
Option B: Murderous. 
Option C: Secretiveness. 

7. What lifestyle would you feel more comfortable living? 
Option A: A Reclusive life. 
Option B: A Nomadic life. 
Option C: A life of Freedoms. 

8. Given the choice, how would you live your life?
Option A: Unattached. 
Option B: Close to Nature. 
Option C: As a Wanderer. 

9. What trait would others most associate to you? 
Option A: Eccentric. 
Option B: Driven. 
Option C: Loyal. 

10. What trait would you consider to be the most detestable? 
Option A: Being a Hoarder. 
Option B: Being Vengeful. 
Option C: Being Reclusive. 

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