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Sins of Redemption

Everything has a soul &  without that Essence there would be only darkness, a world bereft of joy and meaning. 

INSTRUCTIONS: You will need a pen and paper in order to track your score.
1. Create three entries titled Options A, B & C. 
2. Each time you answer a question, place a counter next to the option of your choosing. 
3. At the end of the survey, click on the option that you align the most with. This will reveal your Estate.

Shall we begin?

1.  What would you say has been History’s greatest gift?
Option A: It’s warriors, those who are willing to lay down their lives to protect those who can not.
Option B: The power of its knowledge, for those who do not know it, will repeat its failures.
Option C: For showing us the path and giving us purpose to move forward.

2.  What is the most effective way to resolve conflict?
Option A: Raw, naked aggression and violence.
Option B: A superior military power will always prevail.
Option C: A show of force is enough to resolve most conflicts.  

3. How important is family to you?
Option A: Family is critical. They are the only people you can trust, from birth to death.
Option B: Family is somewhat important. They guide you in your early life but eventually you must be your own person.
Option C: Family is important. They are the foundation for a balanced life.

4. When dealing with others, it is always best to?
Option A: Remain at a distance and aloof. People can not be trusted.
Option B: Take a position of aggression and strength. If they fear you, they will think twice before acting foolishly.
Option C: Act with bravado and show them you are fearless in all actions.

5. If given the choice, what lifestyle would you accept?
Option A:  A nomadic life, one filled with freedom and travel.
Option B: A life filled with loyalty and service to a cause.
Option C: The life of a warrior, short and brutal, yes. But uncompromising.

6. What is one of life’s greatest secrets?
Option A: The secret of balance, such as it is in nature.
Option B: The secrets that violence can reveal to you, about yourself.
Option C:  The secret if inner strength and the power if knowing yourself.

7. How do great people achieve power?
Option A: Through mysticism and spirituality, for all things answer to the power of the soul.
Option B: Through a greater sense of purpose and knowledge of one’s self.
Option C: Through the loyalty they inspire in those who follow them.

8. Great leaders are known for?
Option A: Their adherence to the rule of law and honor.
Option B: Their strength and its use.
Option C: The praise and honor they gain through their deeds.

9. What would you want to be known for?
Option A: My uncompromising belief in freedom.
Option B: For being a consummate warrior.
Option C: For the strength of my hands and how I used it.

10. What would you least want to be known for?
Option A: For being arrogant towards others and their ways.
Option B: For being corrupt and without honor.
Option C: For being violent without just cause.

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