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Sins of Redemption

Everything has a soul &  without that Essence there would be only darkness, a world bereft of joy and meaning. 

INSTRUCTIONS: You will need a pen and paper in order to track your score.
1. Create five entries titled Options A, B, C, D & E.
2. Each time you answer a question, place a counter next to the option of your choosing. 
3. At the end of the survey, click on the option that you align the most with. This will reveal your Estate.

Shall we begin?

1.  What does the world need more of right now?
Option A: The world needs more purpose, it is floundering.
Option B: We need more acceptance of diversity.  
Option C: The world needs more structure; we have lost our way.
Option D: The world needs protection, sometimes from itself.
Option E.  The world needs more guidance, no one seems to be in charge.

2. What do you see as history’s greatest gift?
Option A: Its warriors. They are the ones who shaped history after all.
Option B: The wisdom of the past.
Option C: The gift of its secrets, which are mine to discover.
Option D: The many lessons it taught me on how to exact revenge.
Option E.  That justice will always find its way to those who do us harm.


3. When dealing with others, you prefer the following approach…
Option A: To be thoroughly unscrupulous, because that is how they will be to you.
Option B: With the gentle hand of guidance.
Option C: In my own unique and quirky ways.
Option D: In an almost eccentric manner to keep them unsuspecting.
Option E. By any method possible, regardless of it’s underhandedness. You must stay on top.


4. When you leave this world, you want to be remembered for?
Option A: My devotion to duty and the tasks assigned to me.
Option B: for having tried to heal this world as much as I could.
Option C: For the wonderful things I created.
Option D: For my creativity.
Option E. For my power and how I used it.

5. By which method would you suggest someone achieve said power?
Option A: Through the amassing of wealth and riches.
Option B: Through self-sacrifice and honorable deeds.
Option C: Through creativity and ingenuity.
Option D: Through the use of tools, both mundane and fantastical.
Option E: Through arcane mysticism and unseen forces.

6. What are the most precious of secrets?
Option A: The secrets of the inner soul.
Option B: The secrets we can not and must not share.
Option C: Those of the secret societies, those keepers of forbidden things.
Option D: Those secrets that must be kept from the most prying of eyes; mine.
Option E. Secret knowledge, that which is known only to the few.


7. Given the choice, which of these lifestyles would you choose?
Option A: A life of loyalty and devotion.
Option B: A nomadic, the path of the wanderer.  
Option C: A reclusive life, away from all of you.
Option D: A life of obedience to my given cause.
Option E. A life of dominance and control.

8. How important is family to you?
Option A: Family is very important. You are what you are because of them, and they are rock you can return to when in need.
Option B: Family is important. They are the foundation for a balanced life.
Option C: Not at all. Who needs family? Other than the biological attachment, what can they possibly do for you?
Option D: Family is important. They are the foundation for a balanced life.
Option E.  Family is somewhat important. They guide you in your early life but eventually you must be your own person.

9. What quality do you associate with a strong individual?  
Option A: Perseverance. Life is difficult, and one must have the resilience to live it.
Option B: Selflessness. Only through aiding others do we aid ourselves.
Option C: The Divine Spark. We should all strive to achieve our greatest self.
Option D: Unscrupulousness. When one is tied by scruples, everyone takes advantage of you.
Option E. Fearlessness. One must yell at the darkness to show you will not yield.

10. What flaw would you not want to be associated to?
Option A: Underhandedness. Honor is the only things you have in this world.
Option B: Charisma. There is no greatness in being able to convince others to do horrible things.
Option C: Paranoia. They are everywhere. Watching. Don’t touch me!
Option D: Corruption, especially the inner kind. It will rot your soul.
Option E.  Blind loyalty. It has killed more innocents than any other act of horror.

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