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Sins of Redemption

Delve deep into an alternate history. A world of hidden immortals playing a dangerous game of power. A place where hidden gods & demons use manipulation & magic to their own dark ends. A world on the brink of collapsing into a new age; the final age of man. 
Welcome to the World of Sins of Redemption. Explore the lives of the fallen immortals with the
Sins of Redemption tabletop role playing game (TTRPG), immerse yourself  into their world through the sourcebooks or dive into the upcoming novel series; The Dark Coast Chronicles

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"Helping the indie author community helps everyday people, like you and me, make their dreams of becoming authors come true. It enriches the literary library of the world and gives voice to those who would otherwise be smothered by the industry standards practiced by monopolizing publishing houses. It gives hope. In the end, even if a book isn't your 'cuppa tea', it's okay; as long as that book has touched one person, even just one, and made a positive difference in that reader's life, then it has achieved what it was meant to do ... and that's really all that matters."

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About the Author.

   Eric Breau is an independent Canadian author from rural Alnwick, New Brunswick. He holds degrees in Fine Arts, History, Archaeology, and Education, all of which are his passions. He blends his love of storytelling and history to write captivating stories of the enmeshed lives of everyday people, their struggles, and their triumphs.

   The breadth of his work includes poetry, short stories, and novels in various genres, including satirical horror, irreverent fiction, and historical fantasy. His latest work, "The Little Things," is part of an independent anthology titled The Last Day Under the Sun. (All proceeds from the anthology are dedicated to charities.)

   He is currently working on a collection of short stories under the title A Book from the Dead (satirical horror) as well as a novel series entitled The Dark Coast Chronicles (Historical Fantasy).

   Eric does not do email and newsletter subscriptions but records monthly YouTube updates in newsletter formats, which can be found in the section below.

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If you know me, then you know there is likely more coffee in my veins than blood. Hey, want to help me add some more?! Help me create more works with a coffee donation, I really do appreciate them! 

I don't do email newsletters or subscriptions (does anyone still read emails?). Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the latest news and updates, including release dates & giveaways! 

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